9 Guaranteed Steps to Get More Life Coaching Clients

If you are a life coach, then you’ve definitely been faced with the “how to get your first life coaching clients” question? The good news is that at the end of this article, that task would have been completely demystified. Read on.
Having admired some figures in the industry for a long time, you’ve decided to equip yourself with the requisite training and from the get-go, you have looked forward to a time when you will help people harness their inner strength, make better of their lots in life, and make the principles of life, relationships and career work for them.

You have heard of Mike Bayer, Lynda Field, Carrie Bowman. You have listened to them and seen how far these figures have gone in the industry. This has even inspired you to give your all to training, so with time you can make your mark in the field as well. Now you have paid your dues as far as learning is concerned. You have set out to change the world, one person, at a time, but alas, your excitement has been arrested by the unforeseen. You are finding it hard to convert your first lead. You have run to Google with questions like how to get clients in life coaching, how to get your first life coaching client, how to get life coaching clients without meaningful results, and you are losing it. I understand. This is the story of many young bloods in the field of life coaching.

Hear are the steps on how to get life coaching clients:

  1. Clearly define your target audience
  2. Engage your potential clients through a quality website
  3. Be sure to leverage offline marketing
  4. Offer free coaching sessions and courses
  5. Explore the wonders of content marketing
  6. Design unique effective courses
  7. Run facebook ads
  8. Network, Network, Network
  9. Start selling your services, courses and consultations.

In the remainder of the piece, I will share with you game-changing hacks that will help you get clients in life coaching.


1. Clearly Define Your Target Audience

women sitting and discussing

Like every other business, life coaching depends on effective marketing to be successful. Effective marketing strategies cannot be implemented without a clearly defined target audience or buyer persona. Knowing your target audience is key to successful marketing and conversion of leads into paying clients.
While at it, you must also define your unique selling proposition, stating why a client should choose you over another professional in such a competitive field like life coaching.


2. Engage Your Potential Clients Through A Quality Website & Social Media Platforms

life coach website design

With a professional website and engaging social media presence, you have the opportunity to utilize free or cheap marketing tools to put your business in the limelight. With it, your practice will stand out from those of your competitors. You’ll also be able to reach out to a global audience with your brand message
There are superb, top-notch quality templates Wix templates) that can make creating a website stress-free for you. By using Life Coach Wix templates, you can hit the ground running with all the relevant features and functionalities that you need. These platforms also provide you the chance to experiment with ideas and get quality feedback for improved campaigns. This can help soothe the “how to get clients in life coaching” worry.


3. Be Sure To Leverage Offline Marketing

While the digital platforms offer amazing marketing advantages, offline marketing equally has a lot in store for your life coaching practice.
You can organize a small (free) event in your locality, where you can have quality engagements, meet potential clients and share important means of contact like business cards.


4. Offer Free Coaching Sessions & Courses

If you are wondering how you can get clients, another reliable way is to offer mouth-watering but short free coaching or courses to your potential clients. This will expose them to the ‘stuff’ you carry, especially at a time where professionals are jostling for clients, this can earn you clients on a platter.
Ensure to make your courses, free or paid, in VIDEO format. There are many reasons why they are better for teaching and instruction. Story for another day!


5. Explore The Wonders of Content Marketing

Content creation will subtly drive more traffic to your business than you can imagine. If you can create quality content that is engaging to your audience, in your digital platforms, you will easily sell yourself to your visitors. Over time, it will be easier for your name to come to the mind of your life coach website and social media visitors when they need service in your niche.



6. Design Unique Effective Courses

When you design your own courses, you will have an automatic system of helping your clients gain considerable knowledge of themselves and can carry out some practical self-help tasks in the convenience of their homes. This leaves you enough time to focus your meetings on the more advanced and complex stuff.
Remember, in designing your courses, videos are a better choice than audio and texts.


7. Run Facebook Ads

facebook ads sample

Facebook is a well of opportunities for businesses. With Facebook for Business, you can advertise your business to a select audience, with a select format, the places you want your ads to be displayed, measure and manage the progress of your ads.
This entails creating a landing page for your ads, and a sales funnel that helps you know which of your leads got to which point of your buying process.


8. Network, Network, Network

women standing and networking at a conference

Search out other life coaches and connect with them. This will help grow your influence in the industry. Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social spaces. While at it, don’t get caught up in the web of corporate narcissism. Join conversations with relevant opinions and information. Gradually, you will gain recognition and positioning in your circles.


9. Start Selling Your Services, Courses & Consultations

online life coach with a laptop

The goal of your business is to sell, so start selling your coaching services, courses, and consultations.
Having made clear what you can help your prospects achieve, you must decide the right time and duration for you and your clients. Be specific about the terms of your offerings and of course, the cost of your packages.
Remember that clients are always looking for ways to turn you down, so make it hard for them to say “NO” to you.


When learning to get life coaching clients, bear in mind that it is no longer enough to know only your onions in the field. Life coaching is now saturated with many professionals. You will have to properly put yourself out there to be seen and patronized.
Little things could be missing between where you currently are and where you want to be.
The field of life coaching itself is a self-promoting one. With every client you get, you stand a chance at getting another client and that other client can get you another client, and the circle will continue, so when I see life coaches asking the “how to get your first life coaching client” question, I remind them of this circle. However, the challenge lies in the ability to deliver. You must deliver quality service to earn a referral. This is why you must also continue to develop yourself even now that you are looking for more clients.

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15 Amazing Life Coach Website Examples

As a life coach, especially one who is passion-driven and particular about being separated from the teeming army of competition, you have most definitely gone through a lot. To be fully equipped, many life coaches have encountered the pain and sacrifice required to get the best through long hours of training, and the process of obtaining life coaching certification.
However, to the dismay of many life coaches, expertise, and documentary proof alone cannot guarantee the chance to help build lives and make a significant living off it. This is why, knowing how to attract clients is a very vital component of the life coaching practice.
Building an attractive online profile, while avoiding the many pitfalls of life coaching websites is therefore a skill that can be learned and mastered.
This article promises to provide you with our top 15 models for an effective life coaching website while pointing out the winning features they have employed.

1. Leblanc Communication

life coach website example


Like a carefully crafted piece of a Leonardo DaVinci painting, Leblanc’s website is designed to hold even the most hostile visitor with its beautiful design.
With a color scheme that suggests divine artistry, Donna Leblanc makes sure to capitalize on this first impression with an invitation to ‘get started’ which was quickly followed by a well-detailed explanation of her coaching services.

View Website


2. Mark Strong Coaching

life coach website example

This website was built with an understanding that not every visitor might be patient enough to read through a 1000 word page. This website provides a brief video intro for its visitors which is very visible once the site is opened, and is as irresistible as a glass of chilled red wine.
A ‘Schedule’ call to action at the top right corner plus precise contact info is definitely a winning strategy. Just like a receptionist at a hotel lobby.
This website also features reassuring reviews on its home page and a lovely photo of the team together with logos of prominent clients. There is enough reason already to convince a visitor to fill out its contact form which is wisely located on the homepage.

View Website


3. Lilian So

life coach website design

Lilian’s website immediately greets potential client’s with a seductive font choice, followed by a charming photo of Lilian So and a video intro that combines carefully to make site visitors feel at home.
With free offers for audio sessions and heartwarming video reviews, Lillian knows that her website has the capability to steal the hearts of its visitors.
With this confidence, she boldly offers her prices to her prospective clients with such friendly transparency that is endearing. This is certainly one of the most awesome life coach website examples.

View Website


4. Kat Koh

Just like a surprise birthday present, This website offers its visitors a 30-minute free chat offer on the top bar. Alongside a captivating color scheme and an enticing pop-up subscription form, the website confidently displays client brand logos. The Kat Koh website is one of the life coach website examples that leverage on simplicity and a powerful first impression.

View Website


5. Annie Nogg

annie nogg website design

Annie sure knows how to build trust, and it does this with pictures of Annie on her website, making her ‘let’s connect’ CTA offer quite irresistible. This website is easy to navigate and uses a text to image ratio that proves to be as helpful as Annie appears in the second photo.

View Website



life coach website example

Having contact info appear at the top of a life coaching website is a winning strategy. Silvia’s website is so welcoming that it would be difficult to not fill the contact form which wisely appears on the homepage.

View Website



7. SERVE Life Coaching Website

life coach website example

This is one website that is well-armed. It features reputable brand logos, a “how it works” guide, resources, an active blog to build and sustain rapport with potential life coach clients, and an attention-demanding “Start Your Journey” CTA fully clad in red.

View Website


8. Coaching With Andrea

andrea life coach website design

Whether it is the amazing logo, the beautiful aquatic landscape, or the photo of a girl enjoying the presence of the rising sun, Andrea’s website properly welcomes you and seems to have a nerve soothing ability. With some beautiful colors and a bold offer to “Create a healthy you today!”, this website, just like Andrea has done a beautiful “focus[ing] intently on what really matters”.

View Website


9. Grace Gedeon

grace gidieons life coaching website

While Grace Gedeon’s contact detail features prominently on the top bar, she sits majestically on the main photo looking like she’s waiting to attend to your call.
Grace’s website also features an attractive logo, amazing reviews, videos, radio shows and an active blog to create a fully engaging website experience.

View Website


10. Tony Robbins Life Coach Website

life coach website example

Apart from implementing the potent idea of displaying contact info at the top bar, Tony’s life coach website delivers a convincing professional look; a well-befitting representation for a career that has spanned over 4 decades. The website uses bold fonts, a review display, and a login area for members.

View Website


11. Dragonfly Reiki

dragonfly reiki website


Dana Young prominently displays on her website, a reassuring photo of herself, the reiki master teacher and life coach with an ‘I’m ready if you are’ disposition. This photo portrays Dana as one who takes her business seriously and yet still, possesses an affable and charming personality. The website is also graced with an exciting parallax scroll feature.

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12. Stephen Speaks

life coach website

The creativity and professionalism on display at Stephen’s website are super impressive to say the least. A beautiful and innovative email subscription field pops up to accentuate the effect of the other awesome features of the website like an advice section, products and book sales section which offers a free ebook, reviews and a bold logo to make for an exciting website.

View Website


13. Rodgers Christian Counselling

Rodgers Christian Counseling website

Drs Beverly and Tom Rodgers have developed an effective way to reach their clients who need Christian counseling. This website uses a bold ” Schedule Now” CTA and a “Make an appointment” button to maximum effect alongside an attractive color scheme, active blog, and a very useful social media integration platform.

View Website


14. Matthew Kimberly

Matthew Kimberly must be a really smart life coach to have used a large trust-building photo of himself, and a catchy heading like his “the entrepreneur’s secret weapon” which also doubles as the title of his ebook, which he makes available for free on the site. Matthew’s website is full of creative displays and possesses a sharp CTA button.

View Website


15. Brene Brown

life coach website example

This website demonstrates the audacity of color combination at it’s very best. You can’t get bored with it’s super-amazing visual display which is, like the breathtaking view of a tourist attraction bound to leave a visitor in awe.
This life coach website completes this world-class performance with an active blog and a robust social media integration.

View Website

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7 Simple Steps to Become a Certified Life Coach

Are you a life coach trying to advance to the next phase in your career? Fret not, the steps to take are super easy! At the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with knowledge that will set you apart from your counterparts, and make you a certified and trusted professional in your chosen field. Read on to find out more.

An uncertified life coach is more or less the guy who shows up at your doorstep claiming to be an expert in fixing damaged computers. He has no recognized computer-related qualification whatsoever, no proof of training in computer repairs, but he is so sure that he can do the job, after all, he has always helped repair his dad’s damaged computers.

A certified life coach is like the computer technician who has undergone several pieces of training in computer repairs, has working experience at a computer manufacturer and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, and can back these claims with documents and certificates. Of these two, who would you want to entrust with your computer repairs? The answer is obvious.

Before you get to thinking that life coach certification is a herculean task, this article will show you seven effective steps to becoming one that can hold their own anywhere.
According to a global study, 77% of coach practitioners agree that clients expected them to have credentials and the necessary certification.

Certification is now the leading indicator of professionalism in the coaching practice. Also, 83% of clients have stated that certification is a key requirement for securing their patronage.
Are you ready to know the steps you need to take towards becoming a certified life coach? Let’s go!

1. Find your specialty

woman giving coaching to a woman

Life coaching is such a wide field that one would have to pick an area of specialization. In order to become effective, you will have to overcome the temptation to become a “jack of all trades”.

Focusing your services to a particular aspect of coaching is not meant to limit you, but to help you become thoroughly professional. It also helps you to be able to define what clientele category your marketing should be directed at. Also, customers feel more secure when they get to know that a life coach has particular experience in the area they need coaching.
Life coaching categories include the following;
· Educational
· Spirituality
· Romance and relationships
· Leadership
· Financial Intelligence
· Aging
· Health and wellness
· Weight loss
· Work-life balance
· Sports
· Business and many more…

2. Get Training

The need to be trained in the art of coaching cannot be overemphasized. The required training has to be comprehensive, covering every fundamental area of the field, and highly specialized.
Training should involve how to foster the right coach-client relationship, setting goals, identify challenges to accomplishing defined goals, cultivating the right communication skills and techniques, understanding psychology, learning coaching ethics and acceptable practices.
Any training center you apply for coaching training should be certified by the International Coach Federation ICF or the. International Association of Coaching IAC. The ICF and the IAC are recognized bodies that provide coaching certification globally. So, to get the best quality training, you should take care to ensure that you can have access to proper training.
Each training center is different in their own little way. Every training center will have it’s own style and areas of emphasis.
When choosing a coach training center, you would want to study their training styles, schedules and programs in order to identify which is most comprehensive, and is best suited for you.


To become a certified life coach in Canada, training centers you might want to try out will include;
Canada Coach and Mentor Academy
Deep Life
Erickson Coaching International
Coaching De Gestion inc.
CRR Global


ICF certified training centers in the UK include;

  • Evolution Coaching Academy
  • Academy of Executive Coaching
  • Animas Centre for Coaching
  • Barefoot Coaching Ltd
  • Coaching Development Ltd
  • Korn Ferry
  • Multi-Health Systems


ICF coach training centers in NYC include;

  • Activision
  • I coach New York
  • Hogan Assessment Systems
  • Erickson Coaching International


  • ICF recognized coach training institutes in California include;
  • Brian Tait International
  • CRR Global
  • Leadership Embodiment
  • Leading Group
  • The Narrative Enneagram
    Or you can visit the ICF and the IAF websites for an exhaustive list of coach training centers you can choose from.


3. Get a credential

Professional credentials are avenues to stay ahead of life coaches who only possess degrees in the field. You can get credentials from the ICF or the International Association of Coaching. More than 20,000 coaches own an ICF credential.
This however, requires a specific period of practice, and a number of clients, in addition to adhering to industry guidelines and ethics. This is a surefire approach to impressing and securing the confidence of potential clients.

The International Association of Coaching offers life coaches the Master Masteries Coach designation after they must have met all necessary requirements and demonstrated sufficient expertise in the industry. The MCC is the highest designation under the ICF, requires over 2500 hours of coaching experience and 200 hours of training.
Others are the PCC- professional certified coach, which requires at least 500 hours of coaching experience and 125 hours of training. The ACC-Associate Certified Coach, which is the lowest ICF designation, requires 100+ hours of coaching experience and 60+ hours of training.
The screening process involves submitting life recordings of coaching sessions to be examined.



4. Get Coaching Insurance

Customers need to be assured that their coaches are well prepared and properly covered to efficiently carry out their duties. Getting the insured creates a worry-free atmosphere for the coach to fully express his craft.


5. Register Your Coaching LLC

Every business could do with some immunity here and there. In order to avoid the distraction of unnecessary litigation, it is advised to get certain legal protections that business classification can provide. Be it an LLC or a Corporation status, classification can make the difference in business efficiency and also having a life coach website makes you more authentic and builds trust.


6. Find A Mentor

Working with a reputable mentor is a smart way to gain credibility in the business. Aside from getting a much-needed referee, you will also learn valuable industry secrets along the way.


7. Join the ICF

TheInternational Coach Federation is the largest organization of professionally trained coaches in the world. The major requirement for becoming a member of ICF is that you must have completed more than 60 hours of ICF standard training.
The benefits of being an ICF member include;
· Networking
· Improved credibility
· Access To Business Education Materials
· Professional Confidence
Irrespective of location, these 7 steps are bound to apply. These steps will ensure that you become a well rounded, qualified and certified life coach who can hold their own anywhere, and is fully prepared to produce higher quality members of the human race.
Good luck with getting certified!

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